there is no johnny depp

so girly. so pretty. there is no WAY that's male!
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We are a community for those who believe that there is no such person as Johnny Depp.

We believe in an actress called Jenny Depp, the most beautiful woman and best actress in the known universe.

Feel free to post pictures of her, icons, stories relating to her, hell, just give us reasons why you are a JD fan...

Are you a lesbian with a JD fetish?

Are you a straight girl who likes very femme boys?

Are you a boy who can think themself straight again on discovery of the JD conspiracy?

Join us. Whoever you are.

.......update - this community has succesfully claimed jenny_depp over at claimjohnnydepp!.......


this is a joke. everyone involved in this community is fully aware that johnny depp has a penis. thank you.