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hello, boys & girls! just bringing you some black & white beauty, from benny & joon:

behind the cut:

just look at orlando's hand on jenny's girly waist. orlando knows her secret!!!

join nomeanlesbians. you know you want to
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i hate mean lesbians.... i could be pretty :(

yay for Benny and Joon (though they should of made it benny and Jenny.... she's so cute in her hat. all young and demure . aww.

Orlando should be a gentleman and stop touching her in that way.
we call it 'Jenny and Joon', because really that stoopid 'Benny' character is irrelevant to a story that is all about Jenny as Sam.

Orlando is a man-ho, only explanation.
I think everyone loves "Sam" ..
Oh! It's charming! Maybe he knows that Jenny is pregnant?
lesbians destroyed my life. yay.