Yuna Firerose (yunafire) wrote in jenny_depp,
Yuna Firerose


Okay, I found this community whilst searching for Sleepy Hollow icons...and I'm just speechless.

How is it possible to mistake Johnny Depp as a woman? Okay, I'll grant you that in his younger days he was quite beautiful. And, in Sleepy Hollow, he's also very pretty. But that doesn't make him a her, nor could it be possible to confuse him for a her.

For one thing...his voice. It's very deep...far too much to be a girl's. For another, facial hair. Thirdly, Adam's apple. Women don't have adam's apples...only men do.

I don't mean to sound like an ass or a troll; really, I'm just curious.
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*whispers* I think it's supposed to be sort of a joke.
Actually, I heard its a common mistake that only men have adam's apples. Men's are just considerably larger, so you can see them. And in some mutant females.

Well, that's what I read. *hides*
well, the adams apple is actually just your voicebox (larynx) sticking out of your neck. as men have deeper voices, and larger larynxes, it is more common for them to have a visible 'adam's apple'. so you are correct, all women have them, they are just not visible as often.

hurrah for scientific enlightenment! :D